Thursday, October 16, 2008

Painting sparks

Dear Lisa Marcell,

How can I convince my husband that it's in his best interest to help paint the apartment?

Struggling Painter

Dear Struggling Painter,

One of the hard realizations in a marriage is that we can't convince our spouse to do as we wish. Unless of course, you married a monkey. And even then...good luck getting him potty trained. The best way to enlist your hubby's help? Enticement. Paint in the nude, using your body parts as paintbrushes. It's not only effective as an attention grabber, it rekindles that spark in the bedroom (and bathroom, living room, kitchen...or any other room that needs a fresh coat of paint) PLUS it saves money. Why waste money on paintbrushes when God gave you fingers and breasts? A little tip...put down some drop cloths.

Best of luck,
Lisa Marcell


Lonna said...

Breelyn, although this is excellent advice, becareful. I once used this very technique and thats how I got Nolan. You must use this power wisely.

Breelyn said...

Hey, nothing else seems to be getting me pregnant so maybe that'll do the trick!