Thursday, December 25, 2008


Dear Readers,

I hate to do this to you on Christmas day, but it must be done...I'm sorry to inform you that after only a short run of 6 posts, my Advice Blog has been cancelled.

There were rumors swirling around the Internet about a possible cancellation, but the network assured me that they weren't cancelling me.

Cut to today... I'm cancelled. They will keep my original classic blog, but they said my Advice Blog was controversial and had remarkably low ratings.

So, due to lack of popularity and too much salacious content, Advice By Lisa must bid you farewell.

It's been a pleasure advising you, Readers.

Over and out, Lisa Marcell


Bryan said...

WHAAAAAAAAT!!! Every time I get involved in a blog!

Lonna said...

I don't know how I will fill my time!!!!

Brandon said...

It's like something inside me just died.